Friday, April 4, 2014

New Site for Whitney

After sleeping on it for a couple of hours last night I decided to change the location of the updates about Whitney to this site. I have worked on a couple of web project using Blogger and it is a fast and effective way to get information out on the web.

CaringBridge is an OK product for someone who doesn't have a background working on the web, but it was frustrating me. I also don't like the way they solicit donations for a service that I can provide for free here. I will provide a link on the CaringBridge site to get here and leave that site up, but the project will be better served here.

More to follow :)


  1. Whitney did you get a hair cut? I'm really diggin' the look.

  2. Hi Whit Not sure I know how to blog but we shall see. Hope u r having a good day. Thinking about u and I like your hair cut.

    1. You did just fine. Whitney is having a good day, more to come on that once I get caught up.

      Thanks for going through the trouble of signing up and commenting.


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