Tuesday, April 8, 2014

8APR2014 Update

Whitney was very tired and lethargic once again today. She still isn't very hungry, but the vomiting has subsided. More test were done today with the spinal tap I talked about yesterday and an additional CT scan.

We had another very good visit with the doctor today and gained quite a bit of clarity about the over all situation, some of which I posted earlier today. We are currently fighting what appears to be two areas of infection. With her compromised state they are giving her some very strong antibiotics to try and get the infection knocked out. Needless to say, Whitney is pretty miserable now.

Now on to the positive FLT3 mutation. Initial treatment methods do not change with this condition and initial remission success rates are very similar to regular AML. With the FLT3 mutation, Whitney is almost guaranteed to have a relapse. Current practice is to attempt a bone marrow / stem cell transplant as soon as possible after the first remission. This will give her the best possible chance of beating this and staying cancer free.

Overall it was a pretty rough day for all of us...

Whitney did get some mail and a flower delivery today and this was the only picture I got.

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