Sunday, April 6, 2014

6APR2014 Update

Sunday started off pretty slow with Whitney really not being too excited to do much at all. She slept off and on until around 1 pm when she decided that she needed to eat. She woke up exclaiming that she wanted a taco salad. After a little discussion, we decided on some chicken nuggets with a fruit and cheese platter.
Whitney had quite a few friends show up today. She also decided that she wanted to get up and do a little walking while her friends were around.

She made it about a half a lap around the unit (1 lap = 1/16 mile) and decided that the wheel chair might be a better option. Once she was in the wheel chair she wanted to explore the hospital.

After this activity, Whitney was plumb wore out and we took her back to bed where she proceeded to fall asleep in about 5 minutes.
Overall she felt about how we figured she would, very tired and fighting nausea all day long.

Whitney had quite a few visitors today, thank you so much for stopping by!!!
Sara Neuburger
Larry and Sandy Dettmer
Breezy Olson
Beth Jenson
Megan Neubauer
Lori Swanger
Marie Meador
Jessica Cameron
Harold Herd
Ann Wilhelm
Debbie Crooks

Overall Whitney held up pretty good today, but she really didn't feel very good at all. We are still expecting this to be a very rough week. I would ask that we try to limit visitations during this work week. We will see how she feels towards the end of the week to make a decision about the weekend.

More pics:

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