Friday, April 4, 2014

4APR2014 Update

Overall today was a pretty good day for Whitney. We really think the whole blood transfusion yesterday helped quite a bit. She also received smaller platelet transfusions overnight and again this afternoon. She received the last dose of one of the chemotherapy drugs and the other will continue for 4 more days. Her immune system will continue dropping until around the 16th of April. The team with then perform another bone marrow biopsy to see if the first round of chemotherapy was effective.

We met with the neurologist separately and they are really digging into her case. They are performing quite a bit of research and had a couple of suggestions that the treatment team agreed to. They also had a MRI completed today to take a look at her brain. I am glad we got them on board as we think there is a little improvement already with the fine motor skill issue. Whitney is still vomiting and has a lack of appetite, but those are well documented side effects of chemotherapy.

My parents, Dennis and Carla, made the trip today and spent some quality time with Whitney.
Lacey and Danielle Yordy made the trip from Riley County to visit Whitney today.
Whitney received several cards in the mail today.

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