Team Whitney

Team Whitney came together as a way to rally behind and share information about Whitney while she was battling Leukemia.

During Whitney's journey, Team Whitney turned into something much more. With myself (Doug) and her mother (Lisa) at the helm, a true team grew that was united in their concern for her with each member desperately trying to help Whitney in their own way.

Team Whitney continues to celebrate Whitney's life and is working together to complete projects in her memory. The Team Whitney facebook page is still active, albeit at a much slower pace. It is periodically updated with items about Whitney, legacy projects and other items of interest to and about the Team.

Meet the Team

There are many people and groups who deserve recognition for their work on behalf of Team Whitney. I will attempt to list them here, please be patience as this will take some time to put together. Follow the links for more stories and pictures.

One of the first people who needs to be recognized for her efforts is Ann Wilhelm. Ann and Whitney met at a Kansas Women's Basketball game and quickly became good friends. Ann has established the Whitney Van Dyke Live Life To The Fullest Cycling Challenge to help raise money for the Scholarship.

Firefighters from across the state and country have been very supportive of us from day one. One that stands out to us is Lisa Price. She kept in constant contact with us through the entire journey by visiting almost every day and was a very needed rock for us in Kansas City. In addition to Lisa, the rest of the members of the KCK Firefighter's Relief Association went above and beyond in their support of us while we were away from home in KC.

McLouth Fire Department was also very supportive throughout Whitney's journey and continues to support us in our pursuit of honoring Whitney's legacy. The Meadors, Bartletts and Snyders were steadfast in their support before, during and after.

I also need to thank the 911 dispatchers and everyone else who from Jefferson County who organized and helped out with the fundraiser that helped to keep us out of financial peril during Whitney's treatment.

Speaking of fundraisers, I can not thank Kim Nelson along with the crew and patrons of Nelson's Landing in Leonardville enough for their help and friendship throughout this. Impressive family and town!!!

Riley County Firefighter's and my co-workers provided me needed support and picked up the slack that I left when I would have to go support my family.

In much the same way, my brothers serving with me on the KSFFA board helped me out by picking my slack as my priorities had to shift to Whitney. This is a great group of people who do what they do for the right reasons.

The Morgan Horse Family, good people who rallied behind and celebrated Whitney.

All of our friends that followed Whitney's journey on Facebook were a great support too. I would sometimes just sit and read the comments to Whitney and it would lift her spirits to know that so many people were rooting for her.

How about that Reba McEntire? She was a late addition to the team, but she sure jumped in with both feet.

Sara Neuburger has been a very active supporter from day one and has been by our side every step of the way. She has been a friend of the family for a very long time and maintains that friendship today.

Family and friends of the family were always there for us as would be expected and deserve a special thanks and understanding.

Staff, players, boosters and supporters from the Kansas Women's Basketball Family have all given us tremendous support throughout Whitney's journey.

Last but far from least in our minds and hearts is Bonnie Henrickson. Bonnie meant so much to Whitney, I think they were each others biggest fan.

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