Sunday, April 6, 2014

5APR2014 Update

Doctor's are few and far between here on a Saturday. The chemo side effects are starting to kick in. Whitney was pretty tired all day and really didn't want to interact with people, or do much. No change from yesterday on the fine motor skill issue. We did get some feedback on the MRI with nothing remarkable found. They do want to follow up on something around her sinuses. Probably won't know much more until Monday as everything seems to be in maintenance mode during the weekend.

Nice talk with the nurse on what to expect for the rest of this treatment cycle. She thought that Whitney was entering a rough part of the treatment process and the next 7 days will be the worse with gradual improvement after that.

Most of Whitney's day was spent napping and seeing visitors. We did have a few visitors today as we tried to finish our taxes and get caught up on some laundry. No mail was delivered today.

Visitors today:
Mike and Alice Henning
Dick and Ann Ailor
Terry and Donna Maple
Charlie Copeland
Michael Ort
Pat Bartlett and Valerie Hoffsett

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