Bonnie Henrickson

Words cannot begin to describe the respect and admiration that I have for Bonnie Henrickson. It has taken me multiple attempts to put together a page that can scratch the surface of what she meant to me, Lisa and most of all Whitney. I'm sure this will continue to be a work in progress for the rest of my years.

The earliest memory I have of hearing about Bonnie is when Whitney came home from a women's basketball game and she was so excited that the got to meet Coach Bonnie. I thought to myself at the time, that's pretty cool, it's nice to see a coach reach out to new fans. Before I knew it, Bonnie had given Whitney season tickets to come the rest of the games that season and told her that she wanted to meet her for coffee some morning. Their friendship blossomed from there and included more than just basketball. Although I'm pretty sure that Bonnie's life never ventures too far away from Basketball as her dedication and work ethic is to be rivaled by all.

When Whitney got sick, Bonnie was right there helping however she could. She became family to us all. Bonnie was a pillar of strength and Whitney was always better when Bonnie was around.

As I sit and try to write words escape me... All I know is there is not a better human being on this planet than Bonnie Henrickson...

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